Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And the point of all this would be... (continued)

(continuing from yesterday...)

So how could I goad myself into thinking more? I have managed to produce passable prose on occasion, so it occurred to me that an enforced writing regimen might address more than one deficiency in my life:
  1. I don't think enough.
  2. I need to write/publish more (at least according to my immediate managers at work).
  3. I don't read enough.
That is, writing requires thinking (at least worthwhile writing does), thinking requires exposure to new ideas, reading provides that exposure. So, do I care if anybody reads this? While that would be a nice little ego boost, I certainly don't consider it a condition of success for this exercise.

I expect the subject of most of my posts will be technology-related since computers are both my job and my hobby, but other subjects will inevitably find their way into my musings as well. I'll try to minimize the dross.

Have a nice day!


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