Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And the point of all this would be...

I've been aware of blogging for quite some time now, but it only recently occurred to me that scribbling down my own thoughts might be a worthwhile endeavor. I regularly follow several blogs, but the authors always seemed to be these unapproachable, well-connected, in-the-know super-geniuses (-genii?). A week or two ago I was in a small-ish meeting with Sam Ruby (1), one of these aforementioned super-geniuses, and it struck me that aside from being really smart, he was a pretty normal guy.

Gears started turning. I read several entries in Sam's blog. More gears turned. I searched out and read blogs from some other folks whose ideas I respect and it occurred to me that I don't do nearly enough real thinking anymore. I cogitate enough to get my work done, but it seems like I had more, better, grander ideas 10-15 years ago than now (I just turned 37). Extrapolating this trend ends up someplace I'd rather not be, so my October 18th resolution is to reverse it.

(to be continued soon...am out of time and if I don't publish this now, I'll spend forever trying to get it perfect)

(1) There were 4 folks in the meeting. Like Sam, I happen to work for IBM, but had never had a reason to converse with him before.


At 5:03 PM , Blogger iRab said...

howdy Mike. haven't talked in a while. stubbled onto your blog via elias torres' list of ibm bloggers. i have one too. but it's mostly meaningless garbage, and random factoids about pop tech and web2.0 happenings. talk to you later.


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